Code of Conduct for all employees at Matenco

These are the guidelines for how we should work in a social, ethical, and sustainable manner. It helps us maintain trust among ourselves, our customers, authorities, and society. We commit to adhering to the code of conduct and ensuring that it becomes a part of our work culture, where we operate in accordance with the laws and regulations in place. The code of conduct applies to all employees at Matenco, and it is the responsibility of all employees to be aware of it.

Social Responsibility

  1. Non-discrimination and Equal Treatment
    All employees should have equal opportunities based on competence, experience, and performance—regardless of gender, religion, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, union affiliation, ethnic origin, or social background. All employees should be treated with respect. Discrimination, physical or verbal harassment, or unlawful threats will not be tolerated.
  2. Human Rights
    Human rights are entitlements for all individuals, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other status. Matenco shall always respect human rights and avoid contributing to the violation of individual human rights.
  3. Third Parties
    At Matenco, we act with the utmost integrity and expect third parties to do the same. Our values and commitments to customers and other stakeholders are used as criteria for determining which third parties we collaborate with. We strive to minimize and limit the risks to the company, individuals, and the environment that our operations may pose. Evaluations are ongoing to ensure that third parties conduct their business in line with our values. We do not disclose confidential information such as purchase prices, procurement projects, or contract terms, either internally or externally.
  4. Anti-corruption, Representation, and Gifts
    Representatives of Matenco should not offer customers, potential customers, suppliers, or consultants any rewards or benefits that contradict established business practices to gain or retain business or obtain any other undue advantage. Situations where an employee feels influenced to make a purchase in a business relationship due to receiving a gift or representation should not arise. Any representation offered or received should be a reasonable extension of the business relationship. By acting in this way, we avoid putting ourselves in a position of indebtedness to our host and business relationship. The concept of "representation" includes, among other things, dinners, charity and sports events, parties, theater, and concerts.
  5. Money Laundering
    We counteract money laundering by earning all income in an ethically defensible manner. We do not engage in transactions involving parties unrelated to our business, unusual payment methods, or abnormal conditions.