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About us

Detailed precision for innovative industries

By combining our detail-oriented craft with innovations of tomorrow, we produce results that change people’s lives.

Flexible operations,
valuable insights.

What can we do for you?

We have ensured that societies function for over 40 years

Our innovative thinking and the search for new, creative solutions have made us today one of Sweden’s leading players in the processing of stainless steel. We are passionate, every day, of developing societies and participating in and contributing to revolutionary solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow.

Matenco was founded in 1984, in Skogås, Stockholm with a clear vision: Our customers’ challenges are our challenges. We love to take overall responsibility for our customers and make the impossible possible.

Why us?

We are experienced

With over 40 years of doing what we love, our specialists have developed into Sweden’s outstanding engineers.

We are secure

Because the products we deliver are, in many cases, vital, we have well-documented experience of ensuring the quality of our deliveries. Nothing is neglected, nor overlooked.

We are more than a supplier

Your challenge is our challenge. We always take overall responsibility where we ensure that you as a customer are always satisfied and feel taken care of. It is the vision that shaped what we are today.

We are your ally

No challenge is too small or too big for us at Matenco. In everything we do, we see a fun and creative challenge to overcome, and overdeliver.

Working Together Toward
Limitless Progress