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Matenco builds a new production facility in Jordbro


As part of Matenco’s expansion plans an agreement has recently been signed for construction of a new production facility located in Jordbro. The production and logistics of Matenco and Wiklunds Verktyg will thus be moved to the new facility in Jordbro. The construction of the new plant is currently ongoing and the relocation of production is planned to take place during Q3 next year. The decision to relocate the production is a direct consequence of the need for increased capacity and improved logistics flows for the companies within the group, and also a great opportunity to offer current and future employees an attractive workplace. The relocation to the new production plant in Jordbro is expected to enable Matenco to better capture the increased demand and to continue growing the group.

A more attractive location for current and future employees

The new facility is located in Jordbro, a 10 minutes walk from Jordbro Station, which offers good communication opportunities for employees. The brand new production facility has a total area of ​​approximately 2,800 square meters. About 650 square meters will be used for office spaces, new fresh changing rooms, lunch rooms and meeting rooms.

With the new production facility, Matenco hopes to be able to make the workplace even more attractive – not only for existing employees but also to be able to attract new talents. By building a new production facility from scratch, we will also be able to streamline production and logistics and create a better working environment for employees. The relocation is expected to take place during September 2022.