Subtractive Manufacturing

We have high technical competence to effectively handle the clients’ demands and wishes. Through quality assurance, modern resources and effective methods we secure the right quality. Good quality is one of our strongest competitive weapons in today’s price hunting market.
We work mostly with material into round bar bulk between diamater 8mm – 300mm


Our workshop has currently 31  pieces of CNC-run machines. The Machinery is broad which means that we have a great selection and easily can pick the machine that fits different types of work best. The Machinery consists of CNC- lathes, CNC-mills, legion operational lathes, fully-automatic band saws, lathes with rotating tools, Automation Fanuc robot production lines, Automation ABB grinding production line  and horizontal/vertical legion operational machinery. 

“Our special focus is stainless and other acid resistant materials.
We have a high production capacity and processes annually more than 300 tons of stainless steel for end-customers worldwide.”